Unwanted face and body hair is a something both men and women have to deal with in our lives and often the go to method of removal involves shaving. Since shaving is the norm for most, when the question of waxing comes up most people don’t understand the benefits especially considering that shaving is nearly pain free and we’ve all heard horror stories of how painful waxing can be. Waxing is for men and women, it isn’t as scary as you’ve heard, and has quite a few benefits over shaving.

First lets dispel some common myths about waxing…

Won’t my hair grow back thicker and darker?

The is probably the most common question we hear people ask about waxing (especially women considering facial waxing for the first time). Quite the opposite is likely to occur, as waxing causes some trauma to the hair follicle causing the hair to lose density and possibly not grow back at all. This is the reason is isn’t recommended for men to wax their mustaches or beards. If one day they decide they would like to grow their facial hair in again, it may grow back sparse or in patches.

Won’t waxing cause skin to sag or be stretched out from the pulling?

This is a crazy myth! Sagging of the skin is cause by a loss of collagen either by aging or bad diet and lifestyle habits, sagging skin can also be cause by a lack of muscle tone but the amount of pulling and tugging it would take to sag the skin is simply not possible with waxing even after years of regular waxing services.

So what are some benefits to waxing?

First shaving only lasts for maybe a day before you are being plagued with those prickly hairs popping back out of your skin, with waxing you can look forward to being hair free for about a week or two and when the hair does grow back, it is much finer and softer than if you had shaved. You can go 3-6 weeks between waxing services. So naturally the next benefit is, waxing is a time saver! If you are someone who shaves daily or even every other day, you’re going to be saving tons of time! Since most people do their shaving in the shower or at the sink our next benefit is waxing saves water! I don’t know if you’ve heard but California is in one of the worst droughts in history so you can help conserve water even on a small scale by switching to waxing and cutting down on the shower time you would have spent removing your unwanted hair. My favorite benefit to waxing is the reduction of ingrown hairs and in the amount and density of the remaining hair. With regular waxing you greatly reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, and as strange as it sounds causing trauma to the hair follicles will make the hair much finer, and some of the hairs may not grow back at all!

Now what about the pain factor?

I won’t lie and say it doesn’t actually hurt… you’re pulling the hair out by the root so there is some level of pain. It varies by person and the are being waxed but there are some things you can do to help the hair come out a little easier and a little less painful. First dry and dehydrated skin really holds on to hair, so either it will hurt more coming out or break off, making your waxing service less efficient, so make sure you are nice and hydrated. Also avoiding certain things that have an acidic effect on the body such as coffee and alcohol, not forever but definitely the day of or even the day before your scheduled waxing service. Lastly try to avoid the sun for a few days, sun exposure will sensitize the skin making the wax more painful and could also harm the health of your skin. Prepare yourself for your appointment and learn what to expect.

Why choose SLOCO?

At SLOCO Massage we offer even more benefits to our waxing services a truly unique waxing experience you simply won’t find elsewhere. We are in the business of caring for the health of your skin, not just removing your hair and sending you on your way. You won’t find any alcohol based cleansers or respiratory damaging talc powder. We used gentle, skin-friendly products (also featured in our Truly Natural Custom Facials) to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil, such as Moroccan Orange Blossom Beauty Water, Organic Shea Butter and Tamanu Oil. These products effectively cleanse the skin without compromising its delicate barrier structure. Our wax is a low temperature strip less or “hard wax” this wax is more gentle on the skin than traditional wax and therefore also much less painful. The decadent chocolate and honey waxes are extremely effective at removing hair from the root, and our favorite benefit? …the wax is biodegradable, breaking down completely in 90 days and is made of sustainably harvested ingredients in the US. After your waxing is complete, your skin is replenished with active African aloe, and anti inflammatory/anti bacterial Tamanu oil to leave your skin nourished and protected.

So here’s our recommendation, toss the bacteria laden razors, and do something nice for you and the environment and try waxing at SLOCO!