Juicy Living for Energy, Health and Beauty

Wednesday, January 14th | 6pm

Learn to incorporate juicing into your life as a nutritional boost, a tool for common ailments, plus learn to do a healthy juice feast for detox and weight loss.

Complimentary class! Bring a friend.

Myth Busting Weight Loss

Wednesday, January 7th | 6pm

Learn to avoid diet pitfalls and the marketing scams of nutrition. Want the truth behind a healthy diet for optimal health? The class will be taught by Dr. Susan Lundgren of Ptera Wellness.

Complimentary class. Bring a friend!

Happy Hour Shots

January 8th & 15th | 4:30-6:30pm

SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa is giving a new meaning to happy hour shots! Come in for a quick pick-me-up vitamin B-12 shot administered by Dr. Lundgren. Get that boost of energy you need to start the new year off right.

Vitamin B-12 shots can increase energy, maintain a healthy digestive system, protect against heart disease, improve unhealthy cholesterol levels, regulate high blood pressure, boost cell reproduction and more!

No appointment required! $30

Scrub Away the Winter Dulls

December 10th at 6pm – $10

Enjoy some antioxidant infused spa-tinis while making an invigorating salt scrub! The class will be directed by Dr. Susan Lundgren of Ptera Wellness. She’ll tell us more about different essential oil blends and their functions, as well as the health benefits of exfoliating. Class fee includes supplies for one batch of scrub!

Call the spa at (805) 439-2515 to reserve your spot!

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