SLO Waxing 411: What to Expect

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We’d love to answer any other questions you have to help you prepare for your waxing experience.

What are you going to use?

The wax used at SLOCO is “stripless.” It is applied at a warm temperature and layered thick, like pudding. The chocolate wax even smells like a tootsie roll! This wax is great because it does not adhere to the skin, making it safer for the epidermis. Clients may still turn a little red because blood rushes to a follicle, but it should not stay red for an extended period of time.

How does it work?

As it dries, this wax grabs onto hair so that when removed it removes hair by the root. This is important as some waxes that are applied poorly or removed incorrectly will break hair at the surface of the skin. Where ever this wax is applied–that hair is coming out! As with state board regulations, and overall good hygiene practices, one spatula will be used for one application of wax. This means that terrible fear of “double-dipping” is unnecessary because it will not happen here.

Where are you going with that?

Positions for waxing can seem obvious for places, but unknown (and even awkward) for other areas. Your arms, your legs, etc, you’ll be positioned in a manner that presents the area easily to the esthetician working with you. If you’re coming in for anything in the bikini area (this includes Bikini, Bikini Plus, and Brazilian), we’ll break down your experience so you know exactly what to expect!

Waxing Tips

* Now that you know where we are going with spatulas with wax on them, it’s important to remember your hygiene practices are just as important as ours.

* Hair length is easiest between 1/4″ – 1/2″ Even with this great wax, your esthetician needs to get the wax to the surface of your skin, otherwise we’re just tugging. And that will be a terrible experience for both of you. 1/8″ of growth is still doable, but understanding growth cycles you want to come in every 4-6 weeks, not every 2-3 weeks.

* Know that you breathing will help your experience immensely. Exhaling on the removal is far more ideal than holding your breath. When you hold your breath blood starts to rush and nerve endings can start screaming earlier–all unnecessary. Breathe!!!

Be Mindful

* No hot showers, baths, or hot tubs after a wax. No saunas, spas, or steam rooms. All of that is because you don’t want super hot temperatures right after a wax, nor do you want chlorine or chemicals irritating you.

* Sometimes even sweating too much can cause a light stinging sensation. This is because the salt water tingles where the hair has been removed. It’s not a huge problem, but it may be uncomfortable. Give your body a couple hours or so to recover. Your skin is an active, living organ and will need time to chill out.

* First time waxers may break out a bit in certain areas. This could be for a number of simple reasons. Dirt got in there. Your moisturizer got in there. Sweat got trapped. Your production of oil got trapped by skin. Relax, it won’t last forever. Don’t try to scrub it off, this damages the skin. Let your skin just be for a bit, next couple days warm wash clothes to soften the skin and release and build up should suffice.

* Ingrown-Prone? Try Witch Hazel. It’s a very natural product that will clean the area without drying it out like alcohol. If you need something stronger, ask your esthetician for a suggestion. Everyone is different.