The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend $655.8 billion on retail in November and December of this year alone. No matter where you stand in this year’s elections, your opinion has been heard, but how have you acted upon it? Not everyone is the type to go door-to-door canvassing or making phone calls to encourage people to vote, but it is a fact that we all spend money. How we spend our money speaks volumes about our beliefs and values. When you spend money at a business, you give them the power to create social change, whether for better or worse. It is easy to say that we believe in something, but it seems much harder to put our money where our mouth is. Let’s make some positive change by voting with our dollar.

Your Decision Affects Others

In 2013, Natasha Prybyla, the Founder of SLOCO, had a guest come in with severe health issues. She was a teacher that was assigned to a small, poor farming town in the Central Valley. Within months of living there, she developed short-term memory loss and problems with her motor skills. Unfortunately, she found that these issues were common in the town that she lived in due to the pesticides that were used. Many of the residents of this town couldn’t afford to move elsewhere. Hearing her story really sparked something in Prybyla. Buying organic produce isn’t just about trying to do something healthier for yourself, it is about voting with your dollar for the health of others and the environment.

Practice What You Preach

This “spark” that Prybyla experienced morphed into SLOCO Massage & Wellnes Spa, which is now celebrating 2 years as a spa. The spa’s mission is education on health, wellness and sustainability. At SLOCO, nearly every detail of the interior of the spa was chosen with sustainability in mind. Energy efficient light bulbs, renewable cork flooring and zero VOC paint are just a few of the eco-features of the spa. These features have already influenced SLOCO’s guests in their personal lives feeling inspired about how they can make their own homes more eco-friendly. Some have even told the spa team how grateful they are that they came in for a massage before their remodel so they can incorporate these features into their own home. In addition to choosing sustainable fixtures for the interior, SLOCO also supported local small businesses whenever possible. As it grows, SLOCO wants to up its sustainability even more and has plans to go paperless and become a waste-free spa in 2017.

Think Global, Shop Local

According to Euromonitor International, the health and wellness industry in the US is expected to reach $1 trillion in 2017. Remember to put your money to work for your values by supporting the companies that look at the bigger picture. SLOCO offers a range of eco-friendly products from companies with similar values that would even make great gifts! From glass straws (Americans use over 500 million straws each day!) to non-toxic skincare products (including natural deodorant that actually works!) there is something for everyone. SLOCO is not just about the spa, it is a company that promotes living a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle.

Come see for yourself why SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa is the place to go for a unique wellness experience.

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