We’re so excited to announce that the spa is now running on 100% pollution-free electricity through a partnership with national Clean Energy provider, Arcadia Power.

It’s always been important that SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa has a positive impact on our community and world, and in partnering with Arcadia Power to eliminate our carbon footprint, we saw an opportunity to really make a difference and lead by example. We couldn’t be prouder to be a Clean Energy Business.

“We’re excited to be partnering with a company that truly exemplifies the responsible practices we all want from businesses in our communities,” said Arcadia Power co-founder, Kiran Bhatraju. “Renewable power used to be impractical for most families and businesses, but SLOCO Massage shows us that today, it’s possible for all of us to do our part to combat climate change. They are pioneers in a growing movement that will lead us to a cleaner, safer, more sustainable energy future.”

As an Arcadia Power Clean Energy Partner, SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa now meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership requirements. The wellness spa joins a growing community of businesses, individuals, and families who are taking responsibility for their energy consumption through Arcadia Power.

Arcadia Power is the first nationwide Clean Energy option. By partnering with wind and solar projects, Arcadia Power provides homes and businesses with 100% pollution-free energy via local utilities. Members support their values through their monthly energy bills; decreasing demand for fossil fuels and helping to grow American green jobs and power. Arcadia Power partners with sustainability-minded companies and organizations to combat climate change and secure a better future for our planet.

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