The reason to come to SLOCO is that we focus on providing three things every time you visit:

The moment you walk in the door, you’re greeted with a healthy choice of chilled filtered water with or without our complimentary pure inventions water enhancers which add flavor while they work with green tea or coconut water extracts and just the right amount of stevia.

When you walk back to your room, you’ll be walking on the joint-friendly natural cork floors and through hallways with zero-VOC paint.

Breathe a little easier as the plant life at SLOCO and our Moso natural charcoal bags filter out indoor air pollution.

You can rest assured that any products we use are natural and organic, so let your skin soak up that massage oil, it’s the good stuff!

Finally, at the end of your treatment, our staff will provide some specific recommendations to help you continue the snowball of wellness that we’ve started in the spa.

Our facials and our massages are both fully customizable as you can choose the music you listen to, whatever treatment enhancements you desire, and feel free to let your massage therapist or esthetician know where you’d like them to focus and how you’d like them to work. We want you to have a great time while you’re at SLOCO, so feel free to let us know how we can help you with that.

What’s the point of going to a spa if there is no ‘ahhh’. Our top notch massage therapists look forward to giving you the massage you’re hoping for. Many of our therapists have training in multiple massage disciplines and our standard service, the “Intuitive massage”, is where they can show off, giving you the best that each style of massage has to offer.

If you’re planning on getting multiple services at SLOCO, we’ll provide you with a robe and slippers so you can easily make the transition to and from our esthetician without losing that relaxation high that our guests so often have after a massage or facial.

By the end of your visit, we suspect you’ll feel pampered, relaxed, and hopefully even have a sense of wellness, or perhaps the peace of mind in knowing you’ve done something good for your mind and body.

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