It looks like Summer. It smells like Summer…Feels like Summer…Heck, it even sounds like Summer, but the first day of the wonderful season isn’t until June 21st! With the wonderful weather, comes spending lots of times outdoors. Before you go out and soak up those rays, make sure that you remember to load on that sunscreen!

A lot of people just look at skin as another feature–like the color of our eyes or the texture of our hair. But really, our skin tells a lot about us. It is the largest organ in our body; it is our internal organ’s protection from the outside world. It also plays an important part in our immunity by detecting foreign substances and fighting against infection. Keeping our skin healthy is important to making sure that it is fully functional.

Keeping your skin healthy means:
– making sure you drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.
– eat healthy foods to give your skin the nutrients it needs.
– avoiding harsh conditions.
– keeping it clean, without drying it out.
– getting massages!

Wait a second… Massage? YES! I wasn’t trying to sneak it in there for no reason. Massage really is great for you skin! Massage increases blood circulation, which allows more nutrients to be carried to the skin. It also increases skin cell regeneration which leads to less scar tissue. The oils and lotions used during a session can help bring moisture back to your thirsty skin. It also increases the production of natural oils and improves your resistance to infection! If you’ve thought about detoxing, maybe you should just get more massages! Massage increases sweat production, which aids in detoxification from waste. And have you ever noticed that you glow after a massage? That’s because it dilates your capillaries, which in turn improves skin’s color and tone.

So this summer, when you’re out in the sun, remember that massage or an exfoliating body scrub may be a good treat for your deserving skin!

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