Did you know that most laundry detergents and fabric softeners contain ingredients that are not only harmful to the environment, but threaten the health of you and your family? The back of the label may was well read “Contains neurotoxins, hormone disruptive and carcinogens.” Instead of washing your clothes, you end up taking out harmless dirt and grass stains and replacing them with toxins. No thanks!

The problem is that it is hard to find a natural laundry detergent that actually gets stuff clean. As a massage therapist, oil and waterproof mascara are two of the trickiest stains we end up with on our sheets… Admittedly, it took a while to find a detergent that really did the trick and now it is amusing how excited I am that I found something that really works: Charlie’s Soap!

Here is what got me curious about Charlie’s Soap to begin with…

  • It has 4.5-stars after more than 1,800 reviews on an online marketplace.
  • The container is compact, offering 80+ large loads in the palm of your hand, cutting down on packaging.
  • It surpasses the benchmarks set for biodegradeable products.
  • Sensitive skin? No problem. It is hypoallergenic.
  • You can wash anything in it, from wet suits and silk blouses to cloth diapers!
  • Use it in high efficiency AND regular washing machines.

It just makes sense, right? Why continue using regular detergent when all it takes to do your family and Mother Earth a favor is switching to Charlie’s Soap?

How do I detox my laundry?

Pick up a container of Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder at SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa. Once you get home, throw some old rags in your washing machine and run a heavy duty cycle with two doses of Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder. This will clean your machine of any residue left by other detergents.

Now, you can start detoxing your clothes! The first time you wash your laundry in Charlie’s Soap, you may smell, feel and see old detergent residues bubbling out of your clothes. This is your laundry detoxing! It may take three to five washes before those old residues are fully removed and you notice the long lasting benefits of Charlie’s Soap for Laundry (low suds, softer clothes, clean scent).

Who knew laundry could be so fun?

If you purchase Charlie’s Soap from SLOCO, just bring your container back to the spa and enjoy a delicious spa-tini while our staff refills your container at a discounted price! This will help you save money and also reduce waste. Who knew laundry could be so fun?!

Remember, follow all care instructions on your garments. Charlie’s Soap is safe for all fabrics that can be safely washed with detergent and water. Colorfast garments will not excessively bleed or fade, but you may want to test first.

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