The season has come where people begin to do a deep clean of their home, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for some Spring-Cleaning to renew your enthusiasm for your health and wellness that you may have promised yourself at the beginning of the year. Allow SLOCO Massage and Wellness Spa to help you sweep the cobwebs out! We have many body detox services available to choose from and our wellness team can guide you in developing a program to meet your goals and your budget. Flowers wont be the only thing blooming this Spring!


Detoxifying the planet, Two Feet at a time.

The ionCleanse is a foot soak detox with little or no stress on you or your body. ionCleanse uses small electrical currents to separate one hydrogen atom from each water molecule causing the remaining molecule to take a negative charge. While soaking your feet your body absorbs these negatively charged ions, which neutralize tissue acid waste.

Acid wastes attack joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands causing dis-ease in the body. Avoiding disease and maintaining vitality as we age, requires the maintenance of an alkaline environment throughout the body. Over time; due to poor diet, high stress and environmental toxins our bodies store excessive amounts of waste products that in-turn harm our overall wellness. ionCleanse works to neutralize and dispose of this excess waste.

The ionCleanse can allow you to get to the source of the problems (toxicity), rather than just treating the symptoms. Symptoms of toxicity include, but are not limited to:

• Blotched complexions
• Brain fog
• Sleepless nights
• Achy joints
• Rashes
• Headaches
• Bad Breath
• Anxiety
• Dark Circles under the eyes
• High Blood Pressure
• Arthritis
• Heart Problems
• Diabletes
• Digestive Disorders
• Allergies
• Poor circulation
• Cellulite
• Chronic pain
• Edema

The ionCleanse is typically recommended 3 times a week for optimal results.

The BioMat

The BioMat combines the wonders of far infrared light, amethyst crystals (nature’s superconductor) and negative ion therapy to provide you with amazing results.

The BioMat is a heating pad made of amethyst crystals, which naturally intensifies the effects of the far infrared light waves. Far infrared light waves are the the same stuff found in sunlight, without the harmful UV/UVB rays). Far infrared rays have been found the have the ability to reduce swelling, increase circulation and even ward off cancers. The invisible light penetrates tissue up to 8”, stimulating the regeneration of nerves and muscle layers. Like the ionCleanse, The BioMat also produces Negative Ions, which truly delivers a massage at the molecular level.

These two main components are transferred through amethyst quartz channels. Amethyst Quartz has been scientifically found to offer the steadiest, most powerful delivery of healthy far infrared light waves and the highest vibrational frequencies into the body, aiding detoxification and helping overcome addictions of all sorts.

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