The holidays can be a great time to celebrate and reconnect with loved ones. They can also be a source of stress as your calendar fills up and to-do list expands. While you’re busy taking care of everyone else, it’s important remember to pencil in some “me time”!

That’s one of the best parts about SLOCO’s monthly membership program. It helps you remember to make time for you since you can schedule your spa time and know that a reprieve is coming up soon. Massage, facials, and available soon, SLO’s first full spectrum infrared sauna for your wellness and relaxation.

Plus, make it a two-in-one visit by picking up a gift certificate, or one of our high quality wellness products for someone on your list. Don’t wait til January to put wellness back in your life, a little time out now can make all the difference for going into the holidays at your best spirits.

Even if you can’t come visit us, we want you to be well, so remember the following.

  • Stress can impair the immune system, and getting sick is the last thing you need, so be sure to prioritize sleep as getting enough hours will help your body fend off illness and cope with stress.
  • To combat overeating, drink plenty of water, and start your holiday meals off with vegetables and protein, since water, fiber in vegetables, and protein are all much better than sweets at making you feel full
  • Finally, the holidays are a great time to practice gratitude, perhaps via journaling or a mental recap before bed. Counting out the positives in your life can help with holiday blues or humbug, and even boost immune function.