pain relief

Chronic pain isn’t something you should just learn to deal with or cover up with medication. We provide natural alternatives to relieving pain so you can melt away tension and start feeling like yourself again!



Cryotherapy is also known as the “inflammation buster.” Whether it’s inflammation from an injury, achy joints, or sore muscles, whole body cryotherapy is a great way to reduce pain. In only 3 minutes, get similar benefits to a 15 minute ice bath session!

normatec compression

Compression therapy is popular among athletes because it helps speed up recovery and massage sore muscles. However, compression therapy isn’t just for athletes. It’s great for anyone with tight, sore muscles looking to increase circulation, move lymph, and improve blood flow.


Many of us have natural light deficiency, which can lead to an increase in cortisol levels and a decrease in melatonin levels which can mess with your sleep cycles. Infrared and red light can directly affect brain cells resulting in better move and even improved depression + anxiety.

Infrared sauna

Our infrared sauna isn’t only great for detoxing. Since infrared is great for heating up your core rather than the room, it increases circulation and blood flow which can help relieve joint tension and muscle soreness. In fact, our sauna has a specific program aimed at Pain Relief!

Person in Ballancer Pro pants.

ballancer pro

The massage-like motion of the Ballancer Pro is great for releasing any tightness you may be experiencing in the muscles. Not only will it help work out tension, but the increase in circulation will help with bringing blood flow to problems areas. This can be the perfect solution for those looking to recover more quickly or need to unwind for a bit.

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