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Journey to Your Higher Self

MASSAGE + Ear Seeds Special

Target pain and inflammation on both a muscular and energetic level with this massage and wearable acupressure special available before February 29th.

Personalized Massage
with Customized Spot Treatment
AND Ear Seeds

50 min… $135
65 min…$155
80 min…$175

Woman receiving Cryo Face Treatment at Sloco in San Luis Obispo

Cupid’s Glow

Indulge in the ultimate pre-Valentine’s treat with Cupid’s Glow experience! 💘✨CryoGlow
reduces inflammation and brings ultimate relaxation with soothing warm-cold
contrasts on the face, neck and shoulders. 🔥Then, bask in the glow of our high-powered RevitaLIGHT panel, for rejuvenating glow. Book your session now and experience the radiant
preview of what RevitaLIGHT can do for you!

– $199 –

Woman in Dry Salt Therapy Booth


Need an accountability when it comes to taking charge of your health and wellness routine? Now is the time to get started (or enhance) your wellness lifestyle with a membership at Sloco. 

Ask a team member for more details!



New to Sloco and don't know where to begin? Leap into your most vibrant self with the guidance of our team by claiming this special offer to claim this offer of our 21 Day Jumpstart for just $239.

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*Mix and match 21 treatments, choosing from Whole Body Cryotherapy, Somadome Meditation, Dry Salt Therapy, Normatec Compression, Ear Seeds and Red Light Therapy over a 21 day period.