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Lack of sleep directly affects how we think and feel. Short-term effects can mess with our productivity and energy levels, but long-term affects can result in more serious mental + physical conditions. Our services help to lower stress levels, so you can unwind and sleep better at night.


Chronic stress is often a cause for insomnia and difficulty getting quality sleep at night. Cryotherapy works to lower cortisol levels leading to a decrease is depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. When you’re body is no longer in constant “fight or flight” mode, it is easier for your body to rest easy at night.

Whole Body Detox Foot Bath

whole body detox

When your toxic load is heavy, your body is working extra hard to function properly. A lot of your body’s effort goes to repairing dead cells and damaged tissues which becomes demanding for your body. By aiding your body in the detox process, your body will be able to rid itself of toxins more quickly, which allows your body to focus on relaxing and results in more restful sleep.

Ear Seeds - SLO

ear seeds

Ear seeds help to bring balance back to the body and mind using acupressure points. The points relating to sleep help with falling and staying asleep, balancing your circadian rhythm, and calming the mind & spirit. By bringing your body back to homeostasis, it allows your body to relax so you can get more restful sleep.

Infrared sauna

Physical activity and heat exposure can promote a healthy circadian rhythm and sleep drive. The decrease in body temperature after an infrared sauna session promotes relaxation, leading to better quality sleep. Far infrared waves may further improve sleep quality by increasing deep sleep in ways that do not involve heat.

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