Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the ultimate inflammation buster. This cold immersion therapy gives you the benefits of a 15-minute ice bath in only 3 minutes! Wave good-bye to those aches and pains and say hello to more energy and less pain.

Pairs well with Normatec Compression Therapy.

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy was originally intended to be used for chronic pain conditions, specifically rheumatoid arthtitis. That being said, cryotherapy is great for most physical pain: whether it be a chronic condition, such as arthritis, or soreness due to intense workouts. This can also speed up recovery time for athletes, making workout goals easier to reach.

Cryotherapy also stimulates the vagus nerve, which helps to balance hormones and stress responses in the body. The cold causes a rush of endorphins that have been shown to improve both mood and sleep. After completing a cryo session, many feel accomplished about making it through 3 minutes in intense cold. Cryo can kickstart your day or act as the perfect reset later on.

Many of our guests have reported:

better sleep  •  improved mood  • faster muscle and injury recovery  •  less pain  •  more mobility  •  reduction in inflammation  •  healthier skin  •  sense of general wellbeing  • increase focus  •  more energy

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is often the root cause of disease and illness. By exposing your body to extreme cold, your body naturally reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines, reducing overall systemic inflammation.


Improve Sleep + Mood

Cryotherapy promotes the release of endorphins and serotonin, leading to a boost in mood and cognitive function. It stimulates the nervous system, which helps to relieve the impact of stress on the body. By releasing these beneficial hormones, continuous cryotherapy sessions can aid in reducing symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, and can improve sleep.


Relieve Pain + Tension

Cryo is our go-to service to help with any muscle or joint pain. Cooling the skin increases circulation and the release of norepinephrine, leading to reduced pain in sore areas. The cold also begins to decrease inflammation in trouble areas as well, which may help many ailments such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

I’ve used cryotherapy for a whole month now (almost everyday). I’ve always been one to steer away from the cold, but not when it comes to cryotherapy! My hips aching are one of my worst symptoms due Lyme Disease has brought to my life. The second the session is over, I feel better! It’s been quite a miracle!”

– Alyssa

What to Expect

We like to say a cryotherapy session feels like a silent disco in a walk in freezer, since you are provided headphones to boogie while you freeze. While in the chamber, blood rushes to your core, leaving the arms and legs, which, when you exit, will cause a rush of oxygenated blood to flow back through the limbs, feeling like a circulatory reset. This causes a rush we like to call the “cryo buzz”. Some get a rush of energy, some feel relaxed, but once out of the chamber your body will work harder to warm itself up, which can lead to an increase in metabolism, and even burn calories! While the physiological reaction is different than an ice bath, Whole Body Cryotherapy can provide great relief and triggers anti-inflammatory effects in a fraction of the time. Say goodbye to inflammation! 

Maximize Results

Before Your Session
Come to your cryotherapy session with clean, dry skin and preferably dry hair. (If you have long hair, be sure to keep it off of your neck, so the cold can activate your vagus nerve.) The more skin showing, the more affect cryotherapy will have on that area, so we suggest wearing a tank top, sports bra, shorts, leggings, or even undergarments that don’t have metal wiring! We ask that you wear closed toed shoes, but if not available we do provide booties to protect the feet. We also provide gloves, a beanie or headband if needed, and masks to cover all sensitive areas of the body and protect it from the extreme temperatures.

You will be asked what level you would like to do in the chamber, the duration of time you would like to be in, and a song you would like to listen to during your session (which is optional). Once in the chamber, expect a rush of cold air. After your session, guests say they feel energized, clear headed, and both acute and chronic pain has been said to subside. 

Recommended Frequency
While every therapy session is beneficial and most feel immediate results, research has shown that you will experience improved and cumulative benefits after a minimum of 10-12 sessions, within a two or three week period. (To achieve peak performance, professional athletes might benefit from having up to two sessions a day). After that you can take fewer treatments spaced further apart to maintain and improve on your results (For example, once or twice a week).

After Your Session
After your session, you can go about your normal activities. You may feel especially hungry, so you might want to save meals for after your cryotherapy session.


Do not do this service if any of the following apply to you:

pregnancy  •  pacemaker  •  heart attack within the previous 6 months  •  congestive heart failure  •  COPD  •  Intrathecal pain pump  •  electrostimulation impact device  •  chronic or acute kidney conditions

Proceed with caution if:

seizures  •  sensitivity to cold  •  blood disorders   •  major circulatory dysfunction  •  heart arrhythmia or atrial fibrillation


Does cryotherapy hurt?

Cryotherapy is not intended to be painful. It may cause discomfort as we are not used to being exposed to such cold temperatures, but we encourage guests to listen to their body. What’s important is that the skin temperature is dropping, not lasting through pain. If you feel pain, we ask that you step out of the chamber so we can see what may be causing the pain, and possible suggest a more comfortable services with similar benefits.

What happens if I want to get out early?

Nothing! You are free to exit the chamber at any time. There is never a time where the door is locked, or that you are left unattended. One of our Wellness Advocates stays near to make sure you are both comfortable, safe, and even cheer you on from the other side! 

Will I get frostbite?

We provide gloves, booties if needed, headbands, and masks to cover all areas that are more likely to get frostbitten. If entering the chamber with dry skin and all safety percautions, it is very unlikely you would get frostbite.

Is cryotherapy new?

No, WBC as we know it today started in 1978 in Japan by a physician looking to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s been researched and refined ever since.

Will cryo help me lose weight?

Since everyone’s body is different, we can’t guarantee that you will lose weight. However, it does boost your metabolism which could aid in the weight loss process. This metabolism boost could mean up to 500-900 calories burned in one session.

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