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We understand that regular visits to Sloco might not be in everyone’s budget, so once a month, we want to welcome the community in to experience express services at a price that feels comfortable to that individual… judgement free!

1. Pick Your Services

Not sure where to begin? See how we can help you on your wellness journey for some inspiration. Keep in mind that hot and cold services are best done on different days for maximum benefit, so consider splitting those up between different visits to Sloco.

2. Reserve your time

Appointments are required, so make sure to hop online to book your services for the 2nd Wednesday of the month! Please know that a credit card will be required to hold your reservation. Regular pricing is listed next to each service, however you won’t be charged until you name your price at check out. If you’re struggling to find availability, give our team of Wellness Advocates a call at (805) 439-2515.

3. Experience Guilt-Free Self-Care

This is the fun part! If you’re experiencing a service for the first time at Sloco, a Wellness Advocate will walk you through the service and what to expect. Use this time to unwind and recharge!

4. Name your price

After you’ve experienced your services, you can just let us know how much you’d like to pay for your entire visit. You can use cash, check, card or a Sloco gift card to pay for your time at Sloco.. We’re also grateful for social media posts, online reviews and word of mouth referrals! 


available on Community Day

dry salt therapy

for happy lungs and sinuses

somadome meditation

calm the central nervous system

Normatec compression

muscle recovery

ear seeds

wearable acupressure bling

whole body cryotherapy

reduce inflammation

red light therapy

for cellular health

 infrared sauna

de-stress and detox

How can we support your wellness today?

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