Here at SLOCO, we have a lot of people who come in with aches and pains related to working at a job where they are seated all day. With regular massage, we can do a lot to help, but we believe that home and work care are also important for lasting results. Since it’s admin professionals week, it’s the perfect time to talk about some additional tips for proper ergonomics, preventing computer and sitting fatigue, and some cool tech that helps reduce eye strain related to computer use.

Before we can talk about extending the benefits of massage, we need to discuss the benefits of massage. These can include decreased anxiety, stress, and muscle tension, increased sleep quality, circulation, and energy. Thus, as a boss, giving the gift of massage to your staff could help feed back into the business, increasing both job satisfaction and productivity.

To maintain relief from distracting muscle tension and pains, it is important to have proper ergonomics while working. The basic principle of ergonomics is providing for proper alignment of joints so that there isn’t a need to strain one’s posture to work. Monitors should be at or just below eye level, chairs need to allow for proper back support in an upright position. Knees and elbows should be relaxed at a 90-degree angle with the wrists and feet firmly supported.

Even with perfect ergonomics, our bodies are made to move, so it is important to get up regularly and stretch, or just walk around. Stretching or changing your position roughly every hour is a good practice. Also, cupping your eyes in the palms of your hands can provide some much needed rest to your eyes and their supporting musculature.

For additional help with eye strain, try Pixel Eyewear. These glasses help in various ways. Firstly, they filter blue light which can strain your eyes and disrupt your sleep cycle if you work in the evening. The glasses also boast improved visual clarity and color contrast, again so your eyes don’t have to strain when looking at a screen. Here at SLOCO, we love them! So, stop by and try a pair out before taking them home with you.

Come in and get a massage, and then take the benefits to work with you by practicing good ergonomics, taking breaks, and avoiding eye strain.