dry salt therapy

Also known as Halotherapy, this amazing modality works wonders for respiratory health!

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benefits of dry salt therapy


Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, benefits adults and children alike as well as athletes and animals. It is natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects. Halotherapy is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin and boosting the immune system.

A majority of people who include Halotherapy in their wellness routine may find relief from a variety of respiratory conditions such as:

Asthma • Allergies • Common cold • Bronchitis • COPD • Cystic fibrosis • Sinusitis • Ear infections • Smokers cough

Reduce inflammation

Dry salt has anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate tightness by opening up the airways. Like a toothbrush for your lungs, salt works to thin and expel mucous so you can experience less congestion, increase lung capacity, and breathe easier.


Immune Support

Dry salt has highly absorbent and antibacterial properties. It’s really great at absorbing any allergens, toxins, or foreign substances that may be lurking in the lungs or respiratory tract. It’s also great for killing bacteria and viruses that may have entered the system.


Skin health

Dry salt’s antibacterial properties make it a great option for those with skin conditions, as well. It works to regulate the skin’s micro-circulation, which can help with conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The micro-particles can also penetrate deeper into the surface allowing it to absorb moisture towards the skin. It accelerates cell rejuvenation and improves skin rigidity.

“I love the breathing exercises that help maximize this therapy. This therapy has so many benefits. I’m so glad you chose to put it in your cetner.”

Lori S.

What to Expect

During a Dry Salt Therapy session, you’ll slip on the provided booties, grab a tissue, press the play on the screen, and hop right into the booth. Relax and breathe deeply as you follow guided breathwork. You may feel a slight tickle in your nose or throat, but know that this is completely normal and the salt is doing its job. Once the session is over, you’ll hear three beeps. Once you step out of the booth and back into your day, you’ll feel more open and breathe easier.

Maximize Results

Before Your Session
Come wearing loose-fitting clothing and shoes that are easy to remove. We will provide booties for you. Feel free to wear short sleeves and/or shorts to get the skin benefits from dry salt.

Recommended Frequency
For general respiratory hygiene, once or twice a week in the salt booth will enhance the lung capacity, boost immune system, reduce stress and aid better sleep. However, this service is safe to use daily.

After Your Session
Continue to be mindful about your breath as your go about the rest of your day. For more support, try out lung and respiratory support supplements.


Halotherapy is recognized as a safe and effective wellness practice for preventive and restorative health care. It is not a medical treatment and does not offer a cure! Halotherapy is not recommended for people with:

contagious diseases  •  fever  •  open wounds  •  cancer  •  severe hypertension  •  active tuberculosis

Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using Halotherapy. Anyone with serious health concerns needs to seek proper medical advice and care. 


Will the salt stick to my clothes?

Since the room and the salt itself is completely dry, you should have no problem shaking off the salt from your skin and clothing.

Is it normal to feel tickling or burning?

This is completely normal and just a sign that the salt is doing its job! Since salt is a cleansing agent, the burning sensation is the salt working to cleanse your airways and kill bacteria that may be sticking around.

What is the difference between Dry Salt Therapy and a Salt Cave?

The climate conditions in a dry salt room maintain certain temperature and humidity levels and proper ventilation to ensure the efficacy of the salt therapy and provide a ‘clean-air’ environment for the consumer.

Passive salt rooms  were created to mimic the natural salt caves found in Europe. While today’s modern passive salt rooms often look like a natural salt cave environment, they do not provide the same salt air particles provided in natural salt caves since there are no direct actions like the mining activities (crushing, grinding, chiseling, etc.) to produce salt particles in the air.

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