We found a better way to help you achieve your body goals…

We’ve upgraded our technology to provide you with better results faster. Sloco is home to the only FDA-cleared device for immediate fat loss and skin rejuvenation. Our guests love the new device so much, we no longer offer cryo slimming services. 

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….but if you’re still curious, you can learn more about Cryo T-Shock below. 

Cryo t-shock

Cryo T-shock is a safe, non invasive, versatile device that can be used to tighten skin, reduce stubborn areas of fat, cellulite, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and reduce pain and inflammation in targeted areas by using state of the art thermography and cryotherapy.

Pairs well with Infrared Sauna, Lymphatic Drainage by Ballancer Pro, Photobiomodulation, and Whole Body Detox.

Financing available. Click here to apply.

Benefits of
Cryo T-Shock

Cryo T-Shock is a safe, non-invasive treatment that helps you slim down, tone up, relieve pain, and improve skin health. This treatment is a great alternative to more invasive procedures.

Who can benefit from T-Shock?

T-Shock Facials
Anyone who wants to improve the health and appearance of their skin. T-Shock Facials can all skin types. T-Shock Facials improve blood and lymphatic flow, increases collagen and elastin, higher skin and tissue metabolism, and tighter, more youthful looking skin! This is great for anyone looking to prevent skin aging or anyone who wants to look great for an event! 

T-Shock Sculpting | Cellulite Treatment | T-Shock Toning
T-Shock Sculpting & Cellulite Treatment causes localized fat reduction in the treated areas. Our ideal guest has localized areas with fat and cellulite that they wish to minimize.

T-Shock can also tone and tighten the skin. T-Shock is a great option for guests with loose skin either from weight loss or age.

Anyone who is looking to tone and tighten the skin on their face, neck and chest. Those who have lost weight and have loose or saggy skin, or particularly with loose skin on their necks (the dreaded turkey neck) due to age, weight loss or genetics.


The T-Shock causes a significant temperature deviation which hyper-stimulates skin tissue to produce collagen and elastin deep below the skin’s surface where additional tightening and toning to the skin occurs. The application of heat immediately improves blood and lymphatic flow in the treated area, making T-Shock the perfect tool to tighten loose, saggy skin and redefine muscles, and even tighten and tone skin after facials.



The T-Shock Fat Sculpting Treatment applies both hot and cold temperatures. The heat stimulates fat cells and the cold uses cryolipolysis to cause the fat cells to crystallize and stimulate apoptosis (natural fat cell death). When the fat cells die off, immune system cells that control the cytokines, which are the immune systems response, eat up the fat cells. This process doesn’t happen overnight, and may take a few weeks. 

The Cellulite Treatment is a combination of fat reduction with tissue and skin, and tissue rejuvenation to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


reduce pain

The T-Shock manages pain by utilizing a thermal shock treatment that alternates between both heat and cold in varying times and frequency. Alternating between these temperatures increases oxygen and microcirculation to the treated area to reduce inflammation, decrease nerve transmission of pain fibres, ultimately reduce the pain.

The miracle of thermal shock: a highly effective, non-invasive, all-natural approach to body care.

Pagani Cryo T-Shock

What to Expect

The T-Shock is a safe and non-invasive treatment that is operated by a trained practitioner. In this case, training is key! Time depending on treatment and area may vary, but a T-Shock treatment begins with a short period of thermal heat, then switched to a prolonged period of cold, and back to thermal heat for the last few minutes. During this time, techniques and motions similar to massage will be applied to these areas, helping remove fat, tighten and firm skin, and move lymph through the body along with the support of cryogenic and thermogenic technology. The cells are then naturally passed through the body’s lymphatic system and excreted through sweat and urine following the treatment.

Maximize Results

Before Your Session

On the day of your T-Shock, avoid eating sugars or carbohydrates 2-3 hours before your session. This applies to all sugars, including foods like rice, cereal, and pasta. If you need to eat within that time frame, we encourage you to eat fresh, whole foods like vegetables, or healthy proteins like chicken and fish. 

Avoid exercise before your treatment, as it will make it harder for the body to cool down during the session and may compromise optimal results. 

Recommended Frequency

T-Shock Facial: 1 or 2x a week | You can also come in before a big event to get that perfect glowing skin.

T-Shock Toning/Tissue Stimulation: Twice a week

T-Shock Sculpting: Once every 10-14 days | During T-Shock Fat Sculpting treatments, a great deal of fat cell contents (lipids) are released into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. It is important to not overload these systems. Sculpting treatments should not occur more than once every 10-14  days  to ensure detoxification systems are not overwhelmed.

Cellulite Treatment: Once a week | Cellulite reduction is working on both fat reduction and the improvement in the appearance of cellulite so the demands on the detoxification system are not as great.

Pain Management: As many times as you’d like.

After Your Session

Hydration is key. Staying hydrated over the next 72 hours is vital to help flush out fat cells destroyed by the T-Shock session. Increased hydration should occur for at least a month after a session, especially for Fat Sculpting and Cellulite treatments. 

Avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar, or anything that converts to insulin 2-4 hours after your treatments.  For long-term maintenance, make sure you also eat whole healthy foods, and exercise as fat cells can come back over time. 

After a T-shock session, using your favorite moisturizer (whether it’s a body treatment or a facial) to maintain hydration for your skin. 

After your treatment, we strongly encourage the use of a wellness service to maximize lymphatic drainage and fat loss. 


Please do not book this service if you have any of the following:

For T-Shock Body Treatments:

  • Individuals with kidney or liver disease or who are on dialysis, or have 1 kidney 
  • Pregnant women
  • Severe diabetics
  • Individuals receiving chemotherapy
  • Individuals with swollen, infected or inflamed areas of the skin
  • Individuals with polyneuropathy
  • anyone under the age of 15
  • Individuals with cold allergy

For T-Shock Facials:

  • Individuals receiving chemotherapy
  • Individuals with swollen, infected or inflamed areas of the skin
  • Individuals with cold allergy

No Botox or fillers for four weeks prior to a facial


How long do the results last?

Just like liposuction, the results of your T-Shock services will last as long as your lifestyle supports it. For skin tightening, a once monthly maintenance schedule is recommended.

How quickly are results visible?

The results vary person by person. Some people will immediately notice a difference. The best results are 2-3 weeks after treatment.

What does it feel like?

Unlike plastic surgery and liposuction, T-Shock services feel GREAT! It’s like a massage that switches between hot and cold.

massage therapy

personalized for you

lymphatic drainage

for beauty + immunity

Cryo T-Shock: Facials

increase collagen + elastin production

dry salt therapy

for happy lungs and sinuses

somadome meditation

calm the central nervous system

Normatec compression

muscle recovery

whole body cryotherapy

reduce inflammation

red light therapy

for cellular health

 infrared sauna

de-stress and detox

whole body detox

create a platform for better health

ear seeds

wearable acupressure bling

Cryo t-shock:
body treatments

non-invasive support for weightloss efforts

guilt-free self-care

A new kind of wellness experience in San Luis Obispo.