If you have ever tried meditation and failed, SLOCO has some good news: internationally renowned meditation teacher, Emily Fletcher, is offering online meditation training called zivaMIND.

What can zivaMIND do for me?
• Insomnia will be a thing of the past
• Kiss your jetlag goodbye
• Throw the Xanax away
• Your brain will be faster
• Your sex will be better
• Your immune system will be stronger
• You may even have better parking karma

What exactly is zivaMIND?
8 In depth training videos
Recorded Q & A Calls
Guided mp3’s for Better Sleep, Travel Stress, Performance Anxiety & Depression
Accountability Calendar
Active Online Community of Meditators

Meditation has been proven to increase focus, reduce anxiety, and improve your overall mental and physical well-being. zivaMIND is all about better performance, better life.

I’ve tried to meditate for years and never found it to work. I couldn’t shut off my racing mind nor sit still. I found this to work to my surprise. I felt amazing when I was done and had tons of calming energy from head to toe. It accessed a calm state unlike I have ever been before. I then went to my Pilates class and never felt so good. It was great to let go and just let it be. AMAZING!!! So happy I jumped into this.

Paula P.


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