Massage for Carpal Tunnel in SLO

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming more and more common due to the amount of time people spend in front of a computer. When you use a muscle over and over again, the muscle tightens and restricts circulation. When this occurs, muscle memory is lost and it is unable to go back to its full resting length. This results in inflammation which in turn compresses nerves, creating pain, loss of feeling and/or tingling sensations. Massage helps release that tension, lengthen tight muscles and improve circulation to help manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms.

Getting a massage is great for helping relieve pain and should be supplemented with awareness of how your wrists are being used. For example, it is very important to make sure that your workspace and the driver’s seat of your car is set up ergonomically. And, after receiving massage, you will gain more body awareness so that you can pinpoint what activities are causing strain on your wrists. There are also stretches that can be done to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, or keep the symptoms from worsening.

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