Benefits of Massage Therapy

“My massage therapist demonstrated a great deal of skill in locating sensitive stress points and knew how to treat them. I felt healthier and more energetic long after my appointment. I would recommend SLOCO Massage to anyone in need of massage therapy, or just relief from the daily stresses of life.”

– Karl F., Design Engineer

Many people are under the impression that massage is a luxury, however massage has been an important part of achieving and maintaining wellness for thousands of years. Spending one hour under the hands of an experienced therapist is equivalent to getting eight hours of sleep. Massage has so many benefits, its no wonder that more health insurance companies are starting to cover the cost of massage in some of their health plans.

Massage makes you feel like you’re floating because of all the endorphins it causes your body to release, not to mention it also raises the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Massage helps people battle depression, relieve back pain, migraines and insomnia. It cuts the level of stress hormones in your body in half. Massage promotes tissue regeneration, helps strengthen muscles, increases flexibility and improves your immune system.

Unlike many prescription drugs, there are no major side effects to receiving massage. In fact for many years, massage was welcomed by conventional medicine practitioners. However, when prescription drug companies started to budge their way in, massage was pushed out of the forefront. Now drug companies spend $2.5 billion each year on advertising and massage has become a form of alternative medicine.

What a lot of people do not realize is that massage is an important part of preventative care. Experts estimate that approximately 80-90% of disease is caused by stress. Studies show that massage cuts cortisol levels in half, reducing the stress on your body. So while spending $80 on a massage on a regular basis may seem a little out of your budget, it could help you prevent costly dis-ease.

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