Cryo T-Shock isn’t just used for aesthetic purposes. It’s also a great tool for reducing pain and speeding up recovery. The combination of heat and cold therapy help to lower inflammation, reduce pain, and increase blood flow.

During a Pain Management session, the T-Shock wand is applied to the affected area. Using a massage-like motion, the wand will alternate between hot and cold which actually neutralizes the pain receptors in the nerves. This tricks the brain into experiencing less pain. Not only will you feel a difference in pain levels, but you’ll be able to see less inflammation in the area and even feel more mobility in joints and muscles.

Some people have reported that they felt relief up to a week after treatment. That being said, how long the results last after treatment depends on the severity of the injury. At first, it’s best to schedule your sessions closer together then slowly space out your sessions as you begin to enter maintenance mode.