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Spa Wellness Retreat in SLO

Experience Infrared Sleep Therapy at San Luis Obispo’s only private wellness retreat

*Because our retreat spa has flexible booking dates, we use AirBnB to manage our availability.

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, especially on vacation. Make your next trip in San Luis Obispo a relaxing one with a stay at Sloco’s Wellness Retreat.

Enjoy a stay in our wellness retreat and recharge your mind and body with a sleep therapy session. Sleep therapy helps to quiet anxious thoughts, decrease stress levels, and reduce pain so you have the willingness to let go and let sleep envelop you.

We’re not a hotel. We’re not a bed and breakfast. We’re just a spa that is passionate about people’s health and wellbeing with a love for all that San Luis Obispo has to offer.

Remember, how you feel during waking hours usually depends on how well you sleep at night. To make the most of your vacation, book your stay at Sloco’s Wellness Retreat and enjoy your well-deserved rest.

Exploration. Renewal. 
Rest. Repeat.

Sloco’s Retreat is the ultimate no-brainer vacation or staycation! We’ll create an itinerary as unique as you, while encouraging you to try new things and explore the best of SLO. Every day will have a blend to feed your body, mind and soul to help you feel recharged. It’s the ultimate stress-free vacation designed to inspire healthy habits back home while still having fun!

Rates starting at:

$450 per night for one person
$600 per night for two people

Includes infrared sleep therapy, activities and daily spa services.

Allow us to create a personalized retreat experience for you!

Personalized Massages & Facials
Private Yoga Workshops
Infrared Sauna Sessions
Private Cooking Demonstations
Guided Hikes & Biking Tours
Local, Organic & Customized Juice Cleanse
…and more!