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Brazilian waxing may be one of those things you’re curious about, yet is a service that is hard to find for men. To top is off, the idea of someone else handling the family jewels just sounds awkward. This is your most sensitive area and the thought of hot wax tearing the hair away is enough to make most men never even consider it. If it has crossed your mind though, we bet you’ve tried (or at least considered) the hair in some way already. As much as waxing may sound scary, cutting yourself with a razor is worse! So, to save yourself from the razor, we’re here to tell you all about men’s brazilian waxing.

Everything you need to know about Men’s Brazilian Wax Services at SLOCO

Put Down That Razor

If you’ve been shaving and you’ve got a waxing appointment coming up, you are going to need at least two weeks worth of hair growth. You hair needs to be between 1/4″-1/2″ for the wax to be able to remove the hair. Also if the hair hasn’t been maintained consider trimming the hair down to 1/2″-1″ this will make your waxing experience less painful and will ensure that the hairs don’t break off instead of coming out by the root.

We’re Trained Professionals

Your waxer is a trained professional who has done this plenty of times. She isn’t judging you, she’s there to do business. Just like when you go to the doctor, they see it all day and its just work. We will try our best to keep you comfortable and calm.

We may enlist your help

Depending on your waxer she may enlist your help holding skin taught or the penis to one side or the other. Holding the skin tight can reduce pain and helps the hair come out more efficiently.

NARBs Happen

One thing holding a lot of men back is fear of the NARB, maybe you’ve heard of it. The No Apparent Reason Boner? This is probably one of the most common fears for a man coming in for a wax for the first time. But you know what? It happens, I’d say it happens to about half of first timers, and embarrassment keeps most men from returning but maybe knowing you aren’t alone will make you comfortable coming back. We won’t say anything about, as a professional we’ll ignore it. The best thing to do is talk, keep your mind distracted. You won’t know how your body will react until you’re here but don’t let the NARB anxiety keep you from trying it out.

It is just a quick sting

The pain factor is probably the number one reason men don’t even try it. It is most certainly not a pleasant experience but when asking my male clients, the chest and upper back rate as the most painful. Its not a pain the sticks with you, just a quick sting and its over. Naturally some areas are more painful than others. The top of the base of the penis seems like the front runner for most sensitive area to be waxed. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

Testicles seem to be a big concern as well, the skin here is obviously not the most taught so waxing this area requires pulling the skin to one side to give a smooth surface to apply the wax. Also most men are surprised at how the area didn’t hurt as bad as they imagined it would.

As much or as little as you’d like

How much of your hair being removed is up to you. If you have really hairy legs and stomach removing all of the pubic hair might not be the look you are going for, or maybe it is. Its all up to you. What’s included is a few inches above the pubic bone to the creases between your legs and pubic area, the testicles, perineum, and anus.

Let’s do this!

Ready to give brazillian waxing a try? Give SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa a call at (805) 439-2515 to set up your appointment. Appointments for men’s brazillian waxing in SLO is currently available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday.

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