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Wellness Spa Gift Certificates

Why We Love eGifts

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Instant Spa Gift Certificates

Over ONE BILLION plastic gift cards are created each year.

That’s over 9,000 tons of plastic that will take over 500 years to breakdown and caused 33,260 tons of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere during production.

No plastic needed. No printer required!

Purchase a gift online (ridiculously convenient, right?), and it can be e-mailed directly to that special someone! Not ready to send it? No problem, you can forward the e-mail along when you’re ready. If you’d really prefer a hard copy, you can always print it out on nice paper or just write the gift certificate code onto a card to help really personalize their gift.

It is impossible to lose….

Enter in their name at the time of purchase, it will be tied to their SLOCO account. So, there is no need to print anything out, or even bring anything with them at the time of their appointment.