Bridal Skincare & Waxing Timeline

Your special day is coming up and you want to look your absolute best but waiting to the last week before your wedding can leave you with undesired results like breakouts, adverse reactions, or not the brow shape you were hoping for. While all of these are rare occurrences, why take the chance? Here is our recommendation for a facial and waxing timeline to follow before you say “I do”


If you are trying to work through some concerns such as acne or pigmentation give yourself at least 6 months to a year. Your skin probably didn’t get that way overnight, so you’ll need some time to clear up your complexion. Up to one week before the big day is the latest we want to see you before the big day, and that’s only if you have had a regular facial leading up to the appointment. We recommend receiving a facial once or twice a month leading up to your wedding day.

If your skin is clear but you just want that extra glow we recommend three monthly facials leading up to your wedding day. This way if your first facial causes your skin to purge there is plenty of time to make sure your skin gets back to it’s very best.

Back Facial

If you are wearing a dress that will be exposing your back, shoulders and the backs of your arms, you may want to consider at least one back facial a month out to make sure your skin is clear and glowing. If you have more problematic skin on your back, we recommend coming in 6 months before your wedding day, once or twice each month.


If you have been waxed at SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa before with no adverse reaction, then a week before is perfect timing for a wax. If you have never been waxed, never been waxed here, or are looking to change the shape of your brows, we would like to see you at least twice during the month leading up to your wedding day. This ensures that you are happy with the shape before you are photographed, or to be sure you won’t be dealing with irritation.

We want you to feel confident and love the look and feel of your skin on your important day so plan ahead! If you have any questions or concerns book a consultation with one of our expert skin and waxing specilaist.

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